Frequently Asked Questions

Aquarius Exchange is the first of its kind, zero fee, institutional grade trading platform, that allows users to trade cryptocurrencies and more. Its incomparable approach makes it the first inclusive community-driven exchange adopting a monthly membership fee model. Aquarius enables its members access to an unlimited trading volume, at the absolute true fair price, all at one minimal all-in monthly fee.

Today's largest exchanges operate in one of two ways: by either deploying an 'open order book' trading methodology that charges transactional fees, but also allows users to place "limit" orders on the exchange while trading amongst themselves (user defined price and volume); or by deploying pre-determined spread prices between the buy and sell price that users can only trade at (buy or sell). Aquarius' unprecedented trading approach differs radically from its predecessors or peers. A true open order book powered by a proprietary order matching engine, is deployed, but without transaction fees. In its place, a minimal membership fee is assigned and equally shared within our trading community at large, allowing access to an unlimited trading size and volume at one low all-in monthly fee.

The Aquarius exchange will go live in India in the 4th quarter of 2022.

The Aquarius One membership is a discounted one year membership that allows unlimited access for the trading community to the Aquarius trading platform.

  • Aquarius One membership plan is a discounted one year membership for INR 3,999 on the Aquarius India platform (regular pricing of annual membership is INR 9,990).
  • It comes with a cyber insurance coverage worth INR 1,50,000
  • It also provides access to the AQEX token pre-sale.

To purchase the the user must follow these steps:

a) Create an account on the Aquarius India Platform and complete the KYC process.

b) Upon successful completion of the onboarding formalities, opt for Aquarius One membership plan

c) Proceed to do the payment via the direct bank transfer from the user's registered bank account to the Aquarius Exchange India bank account. Once the bank transfer is completed, the user is required to submit the proof of payment to Aquarius.

d) Upon successful verification, a payment acknowledgment receipt will be sent to the user's registered email address.

This is a limited edition 'one year only' membership, available at a discounted price. On renewal, regular membership prices will be applicable.

This is a pre-launch limited edition exclusive membership which will be available only before the platform goes live. After the platform's launch, users can opt for regular membership plans, to enjoy the benefits of the Aquarius platform.

Aquarius One membership will be activated one month after the Aquarius India platform goes live. The first month's access on the platform will be complimentary for the Aquarius One members.

The cyber insurance will provide coverage for the theft of funds including financial loss due to fraud online transactions, unauthorized access, spoofing, and phishing.

The cyber insurance cover will be activated on the day the Aquarius India platform goes live. Users will get the policy documents on their registered email IDs from the insurance provider directly.

The Aquarius One membership can be cancelled at any time. Cancellation of the membership subscription ensures that the plan will not get renewed after the expiry date. The membership fee already paid, is non-refundable. Users will continue to enjoy the benefits of the plan for the entire period of its validity.

The Aquarius One membership is open for all Indian nationals, including non-resident Indians. The requirements for membership include a valid Indian passport, PAN card as well as an Indian bank account to complete the payment process.

The AQEX token is a functional utility token designed for the Aquarius platform. The token has been subject to smart contract auditing and is licensed by Labuan Financial Services Authorities (LFSA). The AQEX token serves our community in different ways as a/an:

(a) Means of providing a stable “on-ramp” for individuals that reside in countries with illiquid and/or volatile fiat currencies.

(b) Inclusive governance proxy that will determine how monies will be allocated from the charity wallet.

(c) Reward to holders who have supported our vision through direct investment in our token as well as those who have earned them through traded liquidity.

AQEX tokens are not securities; AQEX tokens are sold as a digital asset, similar to downloadable software, digital music, and alike. It is not recommend to buy AQEX tokens for speculative investment purposes but rather, to participate in the Aquarius India platform.( AQEX Whitepaper )

Users can purchase the AQEX token by registering on the Aquarius India platform. After successful completion of KYC verification and purchase of the Aquarius One membership on the Aquarius India platform, the AQEX token can then be purchased from the Aquarius Global Platform via a direct bank transfer.

The purchase of the Aquarius One membership is required for Indian users to be able to participate in the AQEX token pre-sale process.

The AQEX token can be paid for in USD via a direct wire transfer to Aquarius' AFT Labuan bank account. The user can utilize any of the available international wire transfer services to complete this payment. An international wire transfer done using online banking will generally remit the funds in INR and credit the beneficiary account (in this case AFT Labuan) in USD.

The minimum purchase value is USD 1,000 up to a maximum amount of USD 50,000.

The user will receive a confirmation email from AFT Labuan with the AQEX token allocation information upon successful payment verification of the purchase of AQEX tokens. The tokens will be automatically allocated. The tokens will reflect in the account of the user after the Aquarius India platform goes live. The allocated AQEX tokens can not be sold, transferred or traded until the completion of a vesting period of 6 months from the date of purchase.

The AQEX tokens can only be allocated to the Aquarius wallet of the user, with a lock-in period of 6 months, from the date of purchase.

The user will be entitled to sell their AQEX token purchased during the pre-sale after 6 months from the date of purchase, in a phased-out manner. For example: A user owning 12,000 AQEX tokens purchased during the pre-sale, must wait for a 6 months vesting period after which, the user will be authorized to sell 2,000 AQEX tokens per month (12,000/6) . This restriction avoids liquidity issues on the first day after the vesting period passes.

Aqex Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. is the authorized broker of Aquarius Financial Technologies Ltd., for the purpose of the pre-sale of the AQEX token and reserves the right to change/modify any information, and communication made on the website as per the business requirements. The information mentioned on the website is purely for communication purposes and cannot be taken as a commitment on behalf of Aqex Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. - Trading in cryptocurrencies is subject to market and legal risks. Prices in one country may differ from prices in other countries. Aquarius does not guarantee any returns. Use Aquarius' services at your own risk.