We believe in the need for an inclusive, global, fair currency exchange. The rise of digital assets has ushered in a new financial paradigm; opened up a democracy in global finance; a future that transcends national boundaries.

We choose Aquarius, meaning the ‘Water Bearer’, as it signifies regeneration, fluidity, liquidity – requirements that are very apt in today’s currency trading environment.


We created our Brand Mark to represent our ongoing commitment to excellence, a never-ending cycle of adaptation and continuous learning. The Brand Mark also symbolises the ‘Singularity’ of currency pairing that is the core differentiator of our proprietary trading algorithm.


Fairness. We believe that everyone has the right to contribute their views and challenge those of others. We encourage our people and partners to find better ways to do things. We respect equality, champion diversity and inclusion.

Innovation. We are dedicated to innovating our product and customer experience. We are proud to be building the first global currency exchange – anything else is a distraction.

Trust. We expect all our people to adhere to the highest professional standards of deportment. We are honest, respectful and ethical. Our customers expect this as a priority trust credential