Aquarius Exchange is all about resolving the technological problems that exist
in today’s Crypto and Fiat marketplaces.

1 Security

2 Reliability

3 Scalability

Moreover, Aquarius serves the trading community by rethinking and replacing the fee methodologies currently applied to
traded volume by today's exchanges with a reward mechanism instead.

We believe that by championing our trading community and rewarding their contribution towards the "price discovery
process", we can exact and expect real progress and positive change. Consequently, it will relate to the fair pricing of all
currencies, and ultimately all commodities. Our Aquarius community can and will deliver a better tomorrow for everyone.

Our Vision

The Aquarius vision is to deliver and continuously expand an inclusive competitive global trading community that will not only eliminate the tax on exchanging currencies but will instead reward this process.

Our Mission

Our mission is to deliver the first truly inclusive, fastest, and fairest community- driven exchange platform in the world.